Thursday, 9 June 2011

A love of Food: Amazing Vegan Recipes and Menus

Dear All,

We are such great lovers of food that we wish to share with you the wonderful food that we eat every day. Some people seem to think that special and delicious food is simply something for special occasions but we firmly believe that fabulous and cruelty free food should be eaten every day. We are starting this to share with everyone how great everyday vegan food can be.

If you like the look of our recipes please post them to facebook/twitter or whatever else and/or become a 'follower' of our blog. You can also follow us on twitter @Gormandize_AK.  Also if you do cook one of our babies (note:  not actual babies.) at home please post a comment and tell us how it went and what you thought because we love hearing feedback!

Therefore we invite you to gormandize with us!
Yours tastily,
A-dizzle and K-bobo


verb \ˈgȯr-mən-ˌdīz\
intransitive verb
: to eat gluttonously or ravenously

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