Welcome to my blog!

My name is Keely, although in the online world I go by the somewhat dorky alias of "K-bobo". This is mainly because, although I am a white and not particularly cool blogger from Sydney, I like to say things like "Fo Shizzle" in my everyday conversation. This blog was originally started as a joint project with my "bruva" A-dizzle but has became a solo act when A-dizzle moved on to other projects.

My passions in life are food, friends, travel and fun. When I'm not blogging I am a qualified Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and I have spent time living and studying in China. I have a passion for cooking and started this blog to share my recipes and so that I could keep track of all the dishes I have created! My love of travel combines with this blog when I feature the cuisines of specific cultures on a monthly basis.

I hope you enjoy exploring this blog and will leave me some comments or contact me to let me know what you think or offer any feedback.

My Food Philosophy

My kitchen is a vegan kitchen. I cook and blog vegan foods, but I am not a vegan. I believe that delicious vegan food is for everyone and that we should all be eating more vegan foods for the sake of health, animal welfare and environmental concerns. I believe in trying to live your life by the rule of avoiding causing suffering to any living creatures. In trying to achieve this I endeavour to eat primarily vegan and fair trade foods. I mostly consume non vegan foods when I travel, when I am at other people's gatherings/houses or when I consider that by doing so I won't be contributing to supply and demand of animal products.

I also consider the ancient wisdom of the Chinese when choosing my foods (due to my training in TCM) and for this reason I am opposed to starvation dieting, raw food diets and excessive consumption of raw foods. My position on "dieting" is that only moderation based diets will ever be successful or healthy for your body and I do not recommend any of my patients to go on strict exclusion based diets.