World Food Challenge Recipes

Resbaladera (Costa Rica) and Yoyos (Tunisia)

I have a great love of wonderful vegan food - and in particular of trying new cuisines, ingredients, methods and dishes from all around the world. In aid of this, in January of 2012 I decided to start featuring a country whose cuisine is 'underexposed' in mainstream media in an effort to learn more about their food and culture, and to share it with you as I learn! Each month a suggestion is taken from a reader and I cook and post as many recipes as I can within that month. I only post up the recipes that work well (as is my policy with all recipes on my blog), so you can be sure that I was happy with the result if I posted it!

Big thanks to all those who have requested countries! I am learning so much and I hope you are enjoying it too! If you'd like to request a country to be featured then jump onto this post and leave me a comment.

Recipe Log: World Food

October 2015: United Kingdom Month

March 2015: Philippines Month

February 2015: Jamaica Month

December 2014: Myanmar (Burmese) Month

July 2014: South Africa Month

June 2014: Panama Month

May 2014: Georgian Food Month
Oyster Mushroom & Rice Pastries

February 2014: Guadeloupean Food Month

January 2014: Tunisian Food Month

December 2013: Brazilian Food Month

October 2013: Nepalese Food Month

September 2013: Egyptian Food Month

August 2013: Trip to Scandinavia & Northern Europe!
Sweets in Sweden - A Photographic Diary
Wild Blueberries on the Stockholm Archipelagoes
A Day in Riga - Buildings, Berries & Black Balsam

June & July 2013: Polish Food Month

May 2013: Argentinian Food Month
April 2013: Netherlands (Dutch) Food Month

March 2013: Samoan Food Month

February 2013: Costa Rican Food Month

December 2012: Southern USA Food Month
November 2012: Indonesian Food Month

October 2012: German Food Month

September 2012: Afghan Food Month

August 2012: Swedish Food Month

July 2012: Trip to Sri Lanka
In July I took a month off featuring world food recipes as I was travelling around Sri Lanka for most of the month - it was a wonderful and delicious trip. Here is what I got up to!

June 2012: Cambodian Food Month
Hot and Sour Mushroom Soup (delicious and ready in 10 minutes!)
Kho Manor Nung To Hu (Tofu and Pineapple)
Nem To-hu Sap (Cambodian Tofu Summer Rolls)
Borbo Skor La-Pov (Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Sago Parfait)
Num Chet Chien (Fried Banana Nuggets - simply amazing!!)

May 2012: Scottish Food Month
Cranachan (Whiskey Cream with Oats and Raspberries)

April 2012: Iranian Food Month
Artichoke and Pine Nut Dolma (Stuffed vine leaves)
Naaz Khatoon (Eggplant with Pomegranate Molasses)
Yakh Dar Behesht (Ice in Heaven)
Sholeh Zard (Rosewater and Almond Rice Pudding)
Morabaa-Yeh Haveej (Carrot and Rose Jam)
Torshi-havij (Pickled baby carrots)
Mokhalafat (Traditional Iranian accompaniments)

March 2012: Bosnian Food Month
Zeljanica (Spinach, Leek and Cheese Pie - vegan style!)
Razljevak (Bosnian cornbread - one of my favourites from the month!)
Prebranac (Bosnian baked beans)
Vegetarian Cufte (a bit like veggie meatballs)
Easy Bosnian Chocolate Walnut Cake (my other favourite from the month)
Tufahija (Poached Apples stuffed with Walnuts!)

February 2012: Chadian Food Month
Chadian Breakfast Bouille (Rice and peanut porridge)
Millet Balls with 3 dipping sauces (Chadian Peanut Sauce, Saka Saka Sauce and Harissa Lime Sauce)
Chadian Irio (Mashed beans, potatoes and vegetables)
African Loz (Almond and Pistachio Bites of Amazingness)
Kachumbari  (Light and delicious African salad)
Maharagwe (Kidney beans in a lightly spiced coconut sauce)

January 2012: Croatian Food Month
Poppy Seed and Almond Kolache
Yumuşacık Poğaça (Fluffy savoury buns filled with creamy potato and pickles - one of my favourites from the month)
Paprenjaci (Cracked Pepper Biscuits)
Posna Sarma (Rice filled cabbage rolls)
Makovnjaca (Poppy Seed Strudel)
Croatian Pizza (with "kulen sausages" and vegan feta cheese!)
Kupus Na Zagorski & Blitva (2 delicious vegie side dishes)
Šljivovec (AMAZING plum pie)