Wednesday, 31 October 2012

German Month: 9 German Inspired Vegan Recipes

Guten Tag - October (or Oktober) has been a delicious month for me here at Gormandize with A-dizzle & K-bobo, because it's been German food month. In fact, it's been difficult to decide what to make because there are so many wonderful things to try from Germany! Especially the desserts - wow the Germans know how to do dessert! I had about five other desserts shortlisted that I really wanted to try but if I had made all the things I wanted to then I would probably weigh about 5kg more than I do! Hopefully I might get a chance to try some of them at other times!

So settle in and get ready for cabbage, pickles, cherries and pancakes. Here is a recap of what I made:


A delicious cabbage and fruit salad with my own home made creamy vegan dressing! Looks unassuming but this salad was a huge hit with the guests at my German dinner night and a firm favourite of many. The light, crisp and fresh nature of it makes it a perfect hot weather salad and I predict it would be an absolute hit at any summer bbq. Or just for dinner on any given night. Check out the recipe here.

Rosenkohl in Bier
Sometimes simple things are the best. This side dish is fresh brussels sprouts cooked in beer, delicious and easy. Definitely a different take on your steamed or boiled sprouts. I recommend it, unless you really hate brussels sprouts and you don't like beer - in which case move on to the next one! Check out the recipe here.

This delectable onion pie was a challenge to veganise, but boy was it worth it! It's more of a quiche than a pie (if you want to split hairs). But in the end it doesn't really matter what you call it - it's buttery crumbly pastry filled with creamy onion filling. It was also a huge hit at my German dinner party! Check out the recipe here.

German Potato Salad
This simple and easy salad was my favourite from the savoury recipes for this month. It looks plain and simple, but it is anything but boring! It is the perfect combination of flavours and I honestly could have eaten a whole bowl of it and been very, very happy! Try this version of potato salad next time you're asked to bring a salad! Check out the recipe here.


De constructed Black Forest Cake
No German month is complete without black forest cake right? Well, sort of. This is what I like to call "Black Forest Mess", it's a delicious de constructed dessert of cake, cherries, cream and cherry brandy all smashed together in a glass - what's not to love? Fun to make and fun to eat! Check out the recipe here.

Frankfurter Kranz
Vanilla bundt cake layered with black cherry jam, covered in delicious rum buttercream and topped with crunchy sugared almonds? Yes? This recipe is not for the faint hearted, but if you have a mammoth sweet tooth then this is your new best friend. It's an absolutely amazing creation! Check out the recipe here.

Rote (und Grün) Grütze
A slightly different take on a classic German dish, this dessert is an easy vegan fruit jelly which combines rote grütze (red) with grün grütze, just to be extra fruity and colourful. You can just make the red one if you like, but it's fun with the green on top. Check out the recipe here.


Apple Pancakes
Pancakes get a little section of their own here because pancakes would traditionally be eaten for dessert in Germany, but I love pancakes for breakfast so I went ahead and made them for breakfast anyway. These apple pancakes were a great variation on my plain old pancakes. Check out the recipe here. 

Last but most definitely not least - the kaiserschmarrn. This dish of torn up pancakes with delicious sweet apples really won my heart. At first I was worried that there was no sugar added to the recipe, but I needn't have worried! The sweetness of the apples was perfect and honestly this is a perfectly balanced breakfast or dessert. Check out the recipe here.

So, What Next?
Next month I will be exploring the wonderful cuisine of Indonesia - so keep your eyes on the blog for some delicious delights from my close northern neighbour!

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