Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vegan Cambodian and Khmer Recipes

This month Gormandize with A-dizzle and K-bobo has been featuring vegan recipes inspired by Cambodian cuisine. Cambodian cuisine is a delicious and elegant food, based upon combining simple and fresh ingredients in just the right amounts to create an exceptional burst of flavour in each mouthful! Here is a summary of what I shared this month. I hope you enjoyed it and if you've been following along (or even if you haven't), drop me a comment below and let me know what you thought looked the most delicious!

Also - check out down the bottom of this post for news on next month!


Hot and Sour Mushroom Soup

I highly recommend this soup. It's ready in about 10 minutes, the mushrooms make it a light but substantial lunch and it's absolutely delicious. This one is going into my regular lunch rotation! Check out the recipe here!

Kho Manor Nung To Hu
This wonderfully simple dish of marinated chunks of tofu cooked with fresh pineapple has a rich caramelised flavour. It went down very well with all my dinner guests - including those who professed themselves as being anti-tofu, so it's a good one to introduce those who think they don't like tofu to it's many delights! Check out the recipe here!

Spiced Eggplant
Asian countries really know what they're doing with eggplant. It takes a bit of skill to get eggplant just right - not too oily but it has to be properly cooked. This recipe resulted in the perfect consistency eggplant, with just the perfect combination of spices. Served as part of a dinner party or potluck it it a treat. Check out the recipe here!

Khmer Lemon grass Vegetable Curry
Honestly - one of the best curries I've ever eaten! The three main ingredients - tofu, eggplant and potato are the ideal components of a curry in my opinion! It could benefit from some steamed green vegies on the side, but otherwise a perfect meal and very quick and easy to prepare. Check out the recipe here!

Nem To-hu Sap
These delicious summer rolls are filled with tofu which has been marinated in garlic and ginger, vermicelli, cucumber, fresh herbs and shredded lettuce. They're simple but very satisfying and perfectly delicious when combined with the sweet soy dipping sauce. These make very impressive and easy appetisers or an easy and special lunch. Check out the recipe here! 


Borbo Skor La-Pov
This is probably a little bit of an unusual dessert combination for most westerners, but don't dismiss it because it is delicious! It's pumpkin and sweet potato sago parfait - an delicious combination of flavours and actually a fairly healthy dessert! Check out the recipe here!

Num Chet Chien
These delicious deep fried nuggets of banana are probably my favourite offering of the whole month. It's just a base instinct to fall in love with delicious crunchy deep fried spring roll wrappers around delicious cooked pieces of banana. It's incredibly easy to make and I recommend it! You have to treat yourself sometimes, and when you want to treat yourself - you should do it with this! Check out the recipe here!

Next Month....

Next month will be slightly different! I'm spending most of it travelling around Sri Lanka (many delicious food photos and anecdotes to come), so will be taking a month off featuring the cuisine of different countries. I'll be starting up again in August though, and featuring the incredible delights of Swedish cuisine (starting August 1st)! I'm excited about Sweden, from what I have read I think it will be a special month! If anybody knows anything about Swedish cuisine and wants to make some suggestions or give me any tips than I would be so happy to hear from you!

Happy gormandizing!


  1. Who doesn't love a soup that's ready in 10 minutes! It looks so healthy and delicious!

  2. beautiful food. i wish you were my wife