Friday, 10 August 2012

Sri Lankan Tea Factories

Recently I went on an amazing trip to Sri Lanka! I posted lots of delicious pictures of all the wonderful food I ate and the wonderful cooking class I took in Unawatuna to learn how to cook Sri Lankan curries. I thought I might post one other post about Sri Lanka. Essentially (foodwise) Sri Lanka is famous for two things: curry and tea. I already posted rather a lot about curry, so I thought you might like to see some photos from some of the tea factories that I toured.

When I say "factories" I don't mean to too extensively, I only went to two. I had a wonderful driver who took me to two that he recommended, one because the tour was great and the other because the tea was fantastic quality.

Our first stop was Blue Fields, where I tool the factory tour but didn't look at the tea (at the diver's recommendation). Here are some photos of the factory and the many, many huge machines they have as part of their processing:

Piles and piles of tea!!

Blue Fields gave a great tour - and I learnt so much about the processing of tea! They took me on a tour of the whole factory and then gave me a cup of delicious tea to round it off! After Blue Fields we headed to Mackwoods Labookellie, which my driver recommended as having particularly good quality tea.

Tea packed up ready to be auctioned!

I hope you enjoyed all these pictures - it was great to see all the processing facilities and learn about how tea is made! I didn't end up buying any tea at Mackwoods Labookellie - because it was staggeringly expensive! Their boxes of tea cost about $10 - which is more than I would pay over here! You would think that it would be cheaper to buy tea from the source, but apparently not. I guess they think that they can charge big amounts because tourists will pay anything, which is disappointing. 

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  1. I definitely enjoyed the pictures. 50% of the reason I enjoy travelling is because I love to see what other people eat. Thanks for sharing this, it was very interesting.