Sunday, 31 March 2013

Samoan Recipes - Vegan Style

Do you ever just suddenly turn around and realise all this time has passed? That has happened to me lately, I can't believe how quickly the weeks go by! I suddenly turned around and realised that March was over and April was here and opps! I haven't put up my Samoan summary yet and my blog has been rather neglected. So, I'm doing something a little sneaky (but it's not sneaky if I'm telling you I'm doing it right?). I'm putting up this post in early April, but back-dating it so that it looks like I was on top of things and put it up on March 31st :) You'll forgive me right?

March has been a bit of a difficult month for me, so I'm quite glad it's over! I'm hoping that things will be looking up in April. But despite a tough month emotionally, it was a rather delicious month on the blog. Admittedly, I struggled a bit with Samoa which is why there are slightly less recipes than I usually post for my featured country, but all the things I did make were truly delicious. There were (as usual!) two or three dishes that I didn't quite get around to posting/making. Hopefully I'll get them to you at a later date.

But for now - here is a recap of the delicious Samoan recipes from March.


Alaisa Fa'apopo
This easy and super creamy coconut rice was a nice change from the usual plain boiled or steamed side rice. It's very easy to make and it's just a little bit special, so I think I'll be using it to accompany my curries more often. Check out the recipe here.

Fresh Coconut Bread Rolls
Don't let my lack of photography genius put you off these - they are some seriously spectacular bread rolls! Something about freshly baked bread just makes you feel a bit melty inside, and even more so when they're packed full of fresh coconut and eaten warm straight out of the oven. If you serve these to people they will be seriously impressed when they find out you made them from scratch! Check out the recipe here.

Sweet Potato in Creamy Coconut Sauce
Don't be fooled by how simple this recipe looks. When I first made it I was thinking that it looked to simple to be something special, but boy was I wrong! It's a good reminder that sometimes going back to the basics gives the most spectacular result! This dish can also be made using any other root vegetables (or any vegetables really). Check out the recipe here.

Vegan Sapasui
I know, I know. This one seems a little odd. A bit out of place in a Samoan menu. It's Chop Suey - and I'm with you, I thought it was a bit of a weird one when I found it too. But apparently Chop Suey is so popular in Samoa it's become a bit of a national dish - why? Read the post to find out! Check out the recipe here.


Pineapple custard wrapped in handmade pastry? If you're a pineapple lover, then this is probably your idea of heaven. These paifala, or pineapple turnovers, and a real tropical-meets-patisserie number and the combination really works. Check out the recipe here.

Koko Rice
This is kind of like a chocolate risotto, and what could be a better comfort food? Rice with rich chocolate, luscious coconut cream and a hint of chocolate's best friend - orange. Delicious hot or cold, this is a dish you'll have no trouble eating :) Check out the recipe here.

Well, that is it for March! Goodbye March and hello April!

What are we feasting on in April? Well, I'm still working my way through a very long list of requested countries from all you awesome readers (thanks guys!), and April has come up as Netherlands Month! So are you ready for some Dutch food? You won't have long to wait!


  1. Pineapple custard wrapped in handmade pastry, chocolate risotto...YUM. All looks really good. My daughter had a friend visit last night who said she was vegan but forgot to let me know. I immediately thought of your blog. Next time when she gives me more notice I'm going to make her one of your recipes. I know what you mean about the time..I've been erratic with my blog posts and commenting lately, just need more time!!!!

  2. Samoa might have been a difficult one, but you've managed to make the food look pretty awesome. I hope this month is a bit more fun for you:)

    1. I'm not complaining fish! It was a challenge, but I've always loved a challenge. I'm glad you liked the food I came up with, thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Wow! This is amazing! As a Samoan who is vegan, I just thought it impossible to "veganize" Samoan food because it's very meaty and high in fat! Now I can enjoy the food I grew up without causing suffering to animals and without empty calories. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!