Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Netherlands Month (Vegan Dutch Recipes)

The end of Dutch food month falls fortuitously on a very important day in Dutch history! Today is Queen's Day, a day in which folk celebrate their monarchy by eating lots of orange foods. But this isn't just any Queen's Day - today Queen Beatrix will abdicate her throne and her son Willem-Alexander will become king. He'll be the first male monarch on the Dutch throne for something like a decade. So lets all celebrate with some Dutch delights (even if none of them are orange).

I didn't get around to doing much posting in April - I turned out to be quite busy, and actually I enjoyed spending less time on my computer. So I only have five Dutch posts up. I have another two waiting on my computer to share though, so keep your eye out and I'll post them up later. In the mean time here are the Dutch dishes I enjoyed this month!

Ingredients of the month: nutmeg, cinnamon and almonds.


Naakte Kindertjes in Het Gras
This simple and sophisticated dish won my heart over with it's fabulous name - it's called Naked Babies in the Grass! It's a great option for a side dish or a pot luck as it complements almost any meal perfectly. Check out the recipe here.


 Continuing the trend of awesome names is these Lazybones Buns. Yes, there is a story behind the name so check out the post to learn more. They're a bit like a cross between a fruit scone and a hot cross bun, and they make for a pretty special breakfast - so why not break these out for mother's day? Check out the recipe here.

Dutch month just wouldn't have been right without Speculaas, they're so iconic and so delicious! These little spice biscuits went down a treat and were very easy to make. Unfortunately I didn't have a spekulaasplank so I just cut mine into cute shapes and decorated them with almonds. I even made little cats with whiskers and everything - you know you want to check that out! Check out the recipe here.

Hollandse Stroopkoek
I can never resist trying a dessert or a baked good that has beer in it! So this beer and syrup cake went immediately onto my list of things to try. It was quite spectacular, even though it looks so innocent and plain! The beer lent a fantastic depth of flavour to the cake (but don't worry, if you don't like the taste of beer you will still love this cake!). Check out the recipe here.

Gevulde Speculaas
This could very well be the best sweet pie I have ever made in my life. Maybe even the best pie I have ever made in my life. It's pastry is made from delicate spiced Speculaas dough and it's filled with luscious almonds. You really can't not love this pie! It's a tough choice, but this is my favourite of the month! Check out the recipe here.

That's it for now! I'll post those other two recipes later on and then add them into this post, so stay tuned for some more Dutch recipes. Hopefully next month I'll be more on top of the posting!

In the meantime it's time to move on to a new part of the world! I'm excited to say that someone has finally requested a South American country! So get ready to explore the {vegan} cuisine of ARGENTINA in May!

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