Saturday, 31 March 2012

Bosnian Recipes

This month (March) I've been featuring food from Bosnia and making a selection of Bosnian recipes to share with you and learning a lot about Bosnian ingredients and cooking styles as I go! I've really enjoyed experimenting with all these new ideas and making some recipes which are nothing like I've ever made before! Overall though, I haven't made anything which I haven't really liked (which is a credit to Bosnian food - but also to my ability to be selective with the recipes I choose to cook and my habit of changing things as I go if I think they're going to be less-than-delicious!). The Bosnian recipes this month are scattered amongst my other recipes so I thought I would do a recap on the last day of the month to relive all the great Bosnian times I have had this month (and I'll tell you what I'll be featuring next month as well!).


Vegan Zeljanica (Spinach & Cheese Pie)
Bosnia proved to be a very "Spinach and Cheese" kind of country (as you will note later as well!), so it gave me a lot of opportunities to experiment with home made vegan feta cheese. This recipe I used feta made from almond meal and baked in the oven - it was rich and luscious! Check out the recipe here.

Razljevak (Bosnian Cornbread)
Despite it's simplicity this was possibly my favourite of the savoury dishes I made for Bosnia! It made a gorgeously light and corn-filled bread with a wonderful crunch on the bottom of the loaf. I have made it again since and my partner keeps asking me to make it again! Check out the recipe here.

Prebranac (Bosnian Baked Beans!)
I've been wanting for a long time to try making my own baked beans - and now I have! Bosnian-style that is. These aren't really anything much like the ones you buy in tins but I think they are even better. The gorgeous smoky paprika adds a wonderful flavour and a sensational aroma to this simple dish. Check out the recipe here.

Spinach and "Cheese" Plait
Another spinach and cheese one - I told you there was more coming! This time I used my own home made vegan feta cheese with great results! Check out the recipe here!

Vegetable Cufte (kind of like veggie meatballs...)
This was one recipe which I have to admit I wasn't entirely convinced of the authenticity but who care about authenticity when it tastes this good? The combination of unusual flavours makes these smell and taste quite special indeed! Check out the recipe here!


Easy Bosnian Chocolate Walnut Cake
This one was a bit of a gamble for me as I was really unsure about how it would turn out! But I was so glad I took the chance on it because it was amazing! This is probably my personal favourite from this collection of Bosnian recipes. It was rich, moist and slightly crunchy on the outside like a big heart shaped brownie! Check out the recipe here.

Walnut Baklava
This was a really delicious and simple baklava - although it makes a big baklava so I recommend inviting lots of friends over to help you eat it! Check out the recipe here.

Tufahija (Poached Apples stuffed with Walnuts)
These ones were spectacular! So delicious and the fact that it's an apple makes it feel almost healthy, except for all the syrup and the incredible fluffy whipped coconut cream. It's one of my favourites from the month. Check out the recipe here.

I'm really excited to announce that next month (April 2012) we will be featuring amazing Iranian inspired recipes! Watch this space for an amazing array of Persian Food! I love love love Persian food so I am incredibly excited!! Here is a sneak peak what you might be seeing:

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