Monday, 26 March 2012

The Vegan Soup-off Blog Hop Announcement

Soup!!! What is more comforting or satisfying on a chilly day than soup? I've been participating in a lot of delicious blog hops lately, so I thought I would give back a little and host one of my own. I've decided to choose the subject I am most passionate about: Soup! Here in Australia it's just starting to turn Autumnal - so the perfect soup weather! However, I am aware that most of my readers are from the USA so I figured I would get this in while it is still Spring for you guys and probably hasn't warmed up too much (although I am a firm believer in eating soup all year round!).

Here is the challenge: share with us your favourite soup recipe or an exciting new soup recipe of your own creation. 

Now, you will notice from the title that it is a vegan hop. Don't be scared by this! I encourage all non vegans to enter and to embrace lovely vegan soups! Soups are not a difficult vegan challenge (even for those frightened by vegan food!) because there are so many delicious vegetable, grain and pulse soups out there! To clarify for any non vegans out there: a vegan soup must be free of: meat (this includes meat based stocks), milk, cream, eggs, cheese, butter and honey. Everything else is good to go!

I hope you will take this opportunity to explore a bit of vegan cooking and to come up with something new and unique! If you are a bit lost for ideas you can draw some inspiration from some of the past soups I have posted by clicking here.

I'll give you three whole weeks to think about it so the blog hop will open at 9am on Saturday 14th April (AEST). I will accept entries for the whole week so the hop will close midnight on Friday 20th April (AEST).

The Rules:
1. Entries must be soup.
2. Entries must be vegan.
3. Entry posts must have a link back to this post so that others can find this hop and participate.
4. Entries can be posted from any time, they do not have to have been posted in the week of the hop.
5. Entries must include the recipe, not just a picture of something you made.
6. Entries that do no meet the above criteria will not be added to the hop.
7. More than one entry per blog is accepted, however, a maximum of two per blog.
8. Check back to this blog on 14th April for instructions on linking your entry to the hop.

Please send this to any food bloggers you know to increase the amount of delicious entries and tweet about the hop using the #soupoff tag.

It's all about sharing and caring of course so there will be no winners or losers :) However, I will pick the soup that I think is the most new and exciting and re blog it with a link back to your original recipe.

I should also note that this is my first blog hop so I'm still feeling my way around it so bear with me! I really can't wait to see what wonderful recipes will be shared!

Happy Souping!


  1. Oh I am excited to join in on your soup off blog hop. :)

    1. I'm really excited to see what you enter!! Feel free to send the info to any other bloggers you know, the more people join in the more fun! :)

  2. Slow Cooked Vegan Vegetable Soup

  3. Ooh I think I have some ideas! Can't wait to get to the store in the AM :)

  4. oh no! I didn't make the vegan soup hop! I'll hopefully join the next one :-)